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You are able to cancel your booking, for any reason*, between 60 and 2 days before you are due to arrive and receive a full 100% refund. Now valid on all new bookings with an arrival date after 1st August 2020.


Can I cancel for any reason?
Yes. You can cancel for any reason within 2-60 days of arrival. There are no forms to fill in, we do not require evidence or doctors notes. We require written notice of cancellation by email from the email address attached to the booking.
What if I cancel within 2 days prior to arrival?
Bookings cancelled within 2 days of arrival are, we are afraid,  not refundable.  For example - if you are arriving on a Saturday , you can cancel up to the Thursday . Cancellations on Friday (day before) or Saturday (arrival day) will not be coveredl. We require written notice of cancellation by email from the email address attached to the booking. The date and time stamp attached to the email we receive will be provided as evidence of cancellation.
What if I cancel before 60 days prior to arrival?
Cancelling more than 60 days before arrival does not activate the coverl. We would recommend either waiting for the 60 day cancellation period to start before cancelling your booking or to take out independent cover to protect the periods & monies that fall outside of our cover.
If I have to cancel what do I get back and when?
When cover is applied for a cancellation the guest receives 100% of payments made. Refund payments are processed on the departure date of the cancelled booking.
Does this include current bookings?
No cover is only included for new bookings made after 7th April for holidays commencing 1st August 2020.. Bookings made before this date will have the Terms and Conditions accepted at the time of booking.
My booking has been moved after the 1st August because of COVID-19 is it covered?
No sadly not. One of the conditions set by the underwriter is that it is for brand new bookings only, uncompleted bookings which were given voucher codes or were moved are not covered.
Is Covid-19 included?
Yes. Whether it is because you do not want to risk becoming unwell, whether you are isolating or if there is a government lockdown of a Stay In Seahouses property these will be covered..
Can I choose not to have Master Cancel?
No. Cover is valid on all bookings for holidays commencing after 1st August 2020 which were made after  0.01am on 7th April 2020  and is included in the cost of the booking.
Is any scenario not covered*?
The following instances are not covered :
* war, civil war, invasion of foreign enemies, war-like activities (whether or not there is an actual declaration of war), rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion arising to the level of uprising, military or usurped power;
* acts of terrorism committed for political, religious, ideological, or similar purposes;
* actions intended to prevent any of the above.